Hold Harmless

This is to certify that I voluntarily consent to be ministered to by staff and volunteers of Set Free Ministries (SFM).

I am aware that the SFM ministry team meeting with me may need to intervene or contact appropriate authorities if they feel that I am a potential risk to myself or others.

I understand that some or all of the procedures used by the SFM ministry team facilitator may or may not be clinically demonstrated as guaranteeing either short- or long-term results.  I fully understand that the ministry I receive is NOT licensed-medical counseling in any form, but rather encouragement and prayer ministry.  I accept this ministry fully and completely and do not hold anyone responsible for ANY outcome which may or may not arise as a result of this ministry.  I do not hold SFM, its staff, or volunteers responsible for any further or additional care that I may need in the future. I take full responsibility for my life, health, and well-being now and in the days to come.

I have read the Set Free Ministries Statement of Faith (click here), and I am voluntarily accepting this offer of ministry. I understand that am free to terminate my participation at any time for any reason. I understand that I must take full responsibility for any and all consequences for prematurely terminating my spiritual intervention done for or on my behalf. I also understand that once I leave this place of ministry, I accept full responsibility for any choices I make which may be detrimental or harmful to me. I also accept full responsibility for all aftercare and follow-up ministry since this ministry opportunity is limited to particular time frames and does not promise follow-up ministry.

I also fully understand that this ministry opportunity is being offered on a donation basis. I furthermore understand that this is not a professional counseling office, nor are those providing ministry presenting themselves as professional counselors, but rather as ministers of grace.  I accept this ministry opportunity as a gift and can freely give as I choose to support this cause, but I am under no obligation to pay for this service.  If I choose to contribute any money to this ministry, it is to be viewed as a token of my appreciation and not as payment for services rendered.

This is submitted (signed) without mental reservation.