Set Free
Legacy Society

Impacting Generations

What is the Set Free Legacy Society?

The Set Free Legacy Society is a group of likeminded supporters who have chosen to give a legacy gift to Set Free Ministries (SFM). By giving in this special way, members help ensure SFM continues setting captives free for many generations to come. They also support this important mission through the gift of their influence, inspiring others to give, too.

Becoming a Member

Step #1
- Give a legacy gift

Here are the most common ways to give a legacy gift to Set Free Ministries:

  1. Include SFM in your will
  2. Name SFM among the beneficiaries of your retirement assets or life insurance policy
  3. Make a gift that will provide you and your spouse income for life

There are other options for legacy gifts. Christian planners from our friends at Barnabas Foundation would be glad to help you plan a gift that reflects your family and your charitable goals, while minimizing your taxes.

Step #2
- Let us know about it

If you have made a legacy gift to SFM, thank you! Please let us know by contacting Pete Noor at:
or 616-726-5400 ext 116.

Benefit of Membership

Individually, you make a tremendous difference for the future of SFM; but together, our impact is profound.

When you join the Set Free Legacy Society, the ripple effect of your example increases the impact of your legacy gift many times over!
The SFM Joseph Fund

The Joseph Barn

Through SFM’s partnership with Barnabas Foundation, we can offer you the option of directing legacy gifts to The Joseph Barn. This fund allows you to support SFM’s ministry while increasing the impact of your charitable donation. Similar to an endowment fund, the Joseph Barn invests your gifts for the future benefit of setting people free! Different from a true endowment fund, however; all of your gift is used over the course of 7 years. You can choose to support the entire ministry or individual ministry focuses here within Set Free. 

Make an Impact Now

Become a monthly or make a one time gift now.

Services for you

Generosity is at the core of who you are. You’re a cheerful giver who loves honoring God with all your resources. But what you may not know is…There are smarter ways to give that will increase your impact – often while benefiting your family, too.

Set Free Ministries has partnered with Barnabas Foundation. Barnabas Foundation is our trusted partner and they are standing by to help,  whether that’s helping you plan your will, exploring gifts that provide income for life, or giving non-cash gifts like stock or real estate.

We’ll help you:

    • Understand the giving options available to you, in a way that is clear and easy to comprehend
    • Ensure your will reflects your personal and charitable goals
    • Give stock, real estate, commodities or other non-cash gifts to the ministries close to your heart, while reducing your taxes
    • Establish a Stewards Fund (donor advised fund) account to simplify your giving
    • Make gifts that provide your family with retirement income for life

You can rest easy knowing that we will never ask you for any gifts or try to sell you any financial or investment products. And we’ll answer all your questions with the utmost integrity and confidentiality.

Our goal is to help you make important, God-honoring decisions in an atmosphere of complete confidence and trust.

Barnabas Foundation’s services are offered at no cost and with no obligation.