Sponsorship overview

Thank you for considering the sponsorship of a vulnerable child! You may never know the full impact of your sponsorship this side of eternity, but we can assure you your child will:

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Loving the vulnerable, one child at a time.

Current and previous sponsors testify to the blessing of exchanging letters and photographs with their child. Some have experienced the indescribable joy of visiting their child and hugging him or her in person! Praying for your child and knowing your child is praying for you is a further source of comfort and joy. 

The gratitude your child will demonstrate to you and for you is precious. The cost to sponsor a child is $30 per month ($45 for a high school student at Light Academy). Given this amount, some friends of Set Free Ministries choose to sponsor more than one child. If you discern God leading you to help a vulnerable child, call 616-726-5400 or email sponsor@setfreeusa.org to sponsor a child. 

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