Set Free Ministries Team

Here to serve you and fulfill God’s vision for our ministry.

Full-Time Employees

Dean Vander Mey

Executive Director

Dean serves as the Executive Director of Set Free Ministries.  He meets individually with people in crisis and guides them in the truth of Scripture.  Dean also speaks on behalf of the organization in a teaching ministry to share God’s wisdom revealed through Freedom Ministry.

Dean  is married to his beloved wife Sharie, they have 6 daughters, 4 son in laws, and 17 grand children.  Dean ran a business called Action Packaging for 23 years before changing careers to ministry.  Dean enjoys spending time with family, and is an avid sportsman who loves to hunt and fish and spend time at “ Deer Camp” in the UP of Michigan.


Steve Prince

Director of Warriors Set Free

Steve is the director of Warriors Set Free. He served 25 years in the US Army and works specifically with Veterans and family members of Vets. Warriors Set Free was started in 2014 out of the need to help Veterans. Steve is married with two college aged children and enjoys hunting, hiking, shooting and all things outdoors.

R Wayne Downing

Director of Operations

Wayne is the Director of Operations for Set Free Ministries. He retired from the US Air Force in 2003, after serving 23 years on active duty. Once retired, he went back to graduate and post-graduate school for a career in business and education. He left his position at Grace Christian University as Chair of the School of Business to join the SFM Staff. As a Professor of Business, Wayne has taught for numerous universities over the past 12 years in areas of business, communication, and IT. He’s had the pleasure of serving in ministry on the front-lines and has served as a board member here in West Michigan. 

Wayne is married to Aimee, and they have three children (Erin 28, Blake 23, and Emily 12). He enjoys most outdoor activities but is most excited about shooting sports and big game hunting. In his spare time, Wayne teaches self-defense and security team training. He helps lead Men’s Ministry at his home church, leads a Veteran Discipleship Ministry, and here at SFM (Warriors Set Free, The Road, Conquerors Series, and Reboot: Combat Recovery). 

Dave McIntyre

Director of International Ministry

Dave McIntyre serves as the Director of International Ministries at Set Free.  He started his career as a Christian schoolteacher before surrendering to the call to missions in Belo Horizonte, Brazil.  From 1999 to 2012, he served there as a church planter.  He also founded the Per Ardua Wilderness ministry, which used wilderness survival training as a springboard for leadership and spiritual development.

In 2015 Dave was one of ten contestants on season two of the History Channels hit survival series Alone.  After 66 days of living off the land in the wilderness of Vancouver Island, British Columbia, his daughter surprised him in camp to tell him he won.

Dave is thrilled with his new position at Set Free, where he can put his years of experience in Christian education and missions to work in our ongoing ministries in Uganda, India, and the Dominican Republic.

Steve Vander Molen

Director of Domestic Ministry

Steve Vander Molen serves as the Director of Domestic Ministry at Set Free. Steve is married to his beloved wife, Tammi; they have three daughters, one son, and nine grandchildren.

After 37 years of working for a large corporation in West Michigan, Steve is excited to finish out his career in ministry. Steve had a front-row seat to the powerful work of the Holy Spirit doing freedom appointments as a volunteer at SFM for two years before joining the team in April 2023. Steve loves to spend time with his family, enjoying the great outdoors hiking, biking, hunting, boating, and snowmobiling.  


Pete Noor

Director of Ministry Advancement

As one who has been helped by Set Free Ministries himself, Pete now works to raise awareness through his many connections to how the Truth, Jesus Christ, brings hope and healing through the ministry of SFM. Pete raises funds to support this life-changing ministry and looks to establish partnerships with organizations and individuals who embrace a Biblical worldview toward helping the hurting. Pete also enjoys working with inmates at Kent County jail through SFM’s partnership with Forgotten Man Ministries.

Nora Joyce

Ministry Coordinator

Nora serves as part of the Domestic Ministry Team. She is the primary scheduler for Freedom Appointments. Nora is responsible for coordinating volunteer teams to meet with the ministry recipient. Her love for others and her desire to see that everyone has a seat at the table is just part of who she is at Set Free.

She is a retired teacher, and says that “she is excited and grateful to be a part of the Set Free Ministry Team.”

Marty Johnson

Warriors Set Free - Ministry & Outreach Coordinator

Marty serves as the Ministry and Outreach Coordinator for Warriors Set Free.  He is married to his bride Kelly, they have been married 10 years.  They have 4 children, 3 daughters, 1 son and 2 granddaughters.    He loves being known as Paco to his kids and Papa to his granddaughters.  He enjoys hunting, fishing, pretty much anything outdoors.  He served in the Marine Corps from 1985-1993.

He absolutely has been humbled and looks forward to each time that he can be present when someone is Set Free!!

PART-Time Employees


Ben Benting

Accounting & Finance

Ben Benting has been a Set Free volunteer for about 15 years. He works in the accounting department at SFM, and enjoys participating in freedom appointments on a regular basis. “There is nothing quite like seeing a captive’s eyes opened to the power and truth of God’s word for the first time. The shackles that have been holding them for so long come off, and a whole new person is born.”

Ben has been married to his wife Erica for 23 years and is the father to 2 energetic boys, and 6 beautiful girls, ages 18 and under. He also serves as an elder at Body of Believers Community in Dutton.


Dr. Jeff Stam

Founder of Set Free Ministries

and Director of International Ministries, Emeritus

In 1995, PJ founded Set Free Ministries (SFM), becoming its first director. SFM’s first office was in the old back office at Friendship Church. Since their return from the mission field, PJ had been serving as an Associate Pastor at Friendship, which was a volunteer position due to his involvement in other full-time ministry, he requested Friendship to give spiritual oversight to this new ministry. SFM is now an international ministry with offices in India and East Africa.

In 2011 PJ was asked by Set Free Ministries to return to the ministry as Director of International Ministries, coordinating growing ministries in East Africa and Mizoram, India. He retired at the end of 2016 but was called back in April of 2019…and is retired as of October 31, 2020.